2019 Sudamericano de Optimist, Algarrobo, Chile. © Matias Capizzano
2019 Sudamericano de Optimist, Algarrobo, Chile. © Matias Capizzano
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2019 Sudamericano de Optimist, Algarrobo, Chile. © Matias Capizzano
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The JSAIL CLASSIC LINE was created as the company grew. Subsequent models of sails were designed in response to the changing needs of competitors. The first model was designed more than 20 years ago and has been popular with sailors around the world ever since. A characteristic feature of the Classic Line sails is a cross seam below the lower batten. The models are marked with colored dots corresponding to the model. Sails of Classic Line Jsail can be sewn from plain or square cloth. When designing the new Jsail 2.0 Line the corners were rebuilt. Sail tests showed that the tension distribution is more favourable. We redesigned the shape as well as the inner layers of some corners.


We have been observing the top opti sailors for some time and noticed a new sailing style. To keep our Offer up to date with the trends we created a series of 2.0 sails based on our Classic sails models. We have done our best to maintain the depth known from the previous models, we were working on the maximum depth only which was generally migrating towards the luff. At the same time the leech part of the sail has entertained a major lifting. We were aiming at preventing the leech from closing in this new sailing style for easier communication new models are marked 2.0. So we have the Green 2.0, Blue 2.0, Red 2.0 and Black 2.0 models. All the 2.0 models don't have oblique seam underneath the lower batten and with some corners altered. Also they are marked with colour diamonds instead of dots that mark the Classic Line. At the same time our Classic line remains on offer so the new 2.0 Line is parallel to it.

The two lines will give the sailors a wider choice so that they can pick their preferred sail based on their sailing technique.


Sailors on our sails have won the World Championship 10 times and the European Championship nearly 20 times. Competitors have repeatedly won and stood on the podium of North America, South America, Asia, Africa and other world regattas.